Eva Rielland's 'Objects From Another Age' Transforms High-Tech Tools

 - Jul 25, 2011
References: evarielland & mocoloco
Eva Rielland makes high-tech devices manageable with her 'Objects From Another Age' design prototypes. The project is aimed at those who have found it difficult to adapt to the high use of new technology, specifically the elderly. Rielland rethinks the way people use computers and the functions that are most useful to beginners -- printing, email, uploading and viewing images, and video chat. The designer discovered that the easiest way for people to learn and adapt was through familiar actions and images, and simpler hands-on functions.

The four prototypes have a sleek wood design, making the technological experience feel more natural. The process of writing and sending an email is made to look more like a letter being placed in a mailbox, and the tablet used for images can be placed in a holder that resembles a photo album. The 'Objects From Another Age' designs are aesthetically pleasing, practical for people of all ages, and help bridge the gap between young techies and the older generations.