'Objective Objects 2.0' Explores Value of Everyday Items

 - May 29, 2014
References: marijkeaarntzen & trendland
There are so many items surrounding people on a daily basis that they blend into the background; the Objective Objects 2.0 project brings some of these products to the forefront to remind individuals about their presence. More than that, the project "is about valuation and trendiness of products. About the many ways in which an object is trying to make a 'hot' item or not .. Who determines this?," questions the artist.

Created by Marijke Aarntzen, a student at the Art School Utrecht, the Objective Objects 2.0 project brings light to this question and more by turning mundane products such as bathroom tiles, wooden planks and keyboards into fashion pieces. There is also a video that embodies white paint with the sensuality of a perfume ad.