The Nylon Mexico July 2013 Editorial Proves Punk is Not Dead

The Nylon Mexico July 2013 spread defies conformity with the rebellious statement that "punk is not dead." Photographer Matallana primarily uses a monochromatic theme to capture a punk rock feel that even ‘The Clash’ would be proud of.

Creative director Ivy Bjork successfully transcends time by drawing out the chic nature of many of the past punk rock styles. Models Roberta Cardenio and Nikayla Novak do well to evoke an edgy persona with their brutally alluring stares that dare the viewer to question their authenticity. Jakob Sherwood does an amazing job by styling the hair in a wildly untamed fashion that perfectly personifies the iconic culture. All in all, the Nylon Mexico July 2013 editorial truly does bring to life the rebellious nature of the style and certainly adds merit to the message that "punk is not dead."