'NY House' Features a Glass-Enclosed Dining Room

 - Nov 15, 2017
References: archdaily
When people talk about throwing stones in glass houses, they don't have 'NY House' in mind. The phrase refers to people watching their words and actions when they themselves are in fragile situations, but it isn't meant to literally refer to a glass home. Nonetheless, IDIN Architects, the studio behind the project, seems to have taken the phrase as inspiration for NY House, building the facade of the main feature of the house entirely from glass.

NY House's dining room is a large, open space covered on each side by massive, floor-to-ceiling windows. The glass climbs up both stories of the home, giving it a cubic shape that amplifies the drama of the uncommon material choice. Further, that glass box is surrounded by a larger wooden facade that shines light in on it, giving the dining room a theatrical look.