The Nursing Kit is a Compact Portable Clinic and Functional Flashlight

 - Jul 11, 2012
References: tuvie
With a choice between a lumpy fabric first aid kit and this electronically lit Nursing Kit, which would you choose? Conceived by Yu-Lin Chen and Sheng-Hung Lee, this hi-tech emergency capsule has all of the tools to fix some of the most common wounds, wrapped up in a protective case that doubles as a flashlight.

The object takes a streamlined bell shape with a large loop in the top, ideal for hanging it from the ceiling and acting as an effective grip for twisting off the lid. Inside you'll find a caddy separated into three parts with one for dressing, another for sterilizing and the last for medication. The Nursing Kit also features curved scissors, a bandaging tape dispenser and a handy set of tweezers.