The Numen/ For Use RomeTuft Art Installation is a Massive Sofa

 - Feb 20, 2014
The Numen/For Use Rome Tuft installation art concept is a massive wool carpeted sofa-like structure. The tufted structure is built by straining the upper and lower surfaces which causes them to pull apart and bringing them together at alternate points. The art installation looks more like a sleek modern sofa that would look fantastic in a glass walled mansion. The carpeted and tufted interior makes it comfy to sit or lay within the three dimensional structure.

The cave like adobe has not actually been constructed it is a concept and future art gallery installation. The design collective Numen/For Use has a unique eye for creating futuristic and almost impossible structures that are visually appealing. The Rome Tuft is a interesting levitating cave sofa concept which could one day be used in future homes.