The Nu-Drip Saline Bag is Worn Rather Than Carried for Optimal Results

 - Oct 5, 2015
References: yankodesign
Intravenous bags can be inefficient in many respects, as the bag requires hanging on a separate device that can get snagged on nearby items causing additional pain, which is something the Nu-Drip Saline Bag looks to solve. Innovatively designed to be worn like a necklace when the patient gets up, the Nu-Drip Saline Bag is designed by Wang Yu-Chi and Huang Yu-Man who have seemingly rendered the traditional intravenous bag and accompanying stand as obsolete.

While only a concept at the moment, the Nu-Drip Saline Bag have real potential to be manufactured and implemented as a means of decreasing clutter around hospital rooms. However, the convenient design of the Nu-Drip Saline Bag might have patients getting up and moving around too much when they should be resting, but that's a whole other story.