The NSFWare Video Game Shows Intimacy in a More Realistic Way

 - Jan 18, 2018
References: & mashable
The NSFWare video game is a sex-positive indie game that combines elements of 'WarioWare' with sensual gameplay. Designed by developer Pierre Corbinais for the Make Something Horrible competition -- a video game design competition that tasks contestants to combine two clashing styles -- NSFWare is a intimacy-based video game experience that celebrates sensuality in a way often unseen. The game essentially tasks players with learning about different expressions of sensuality by trying to please the in-game AI through trial and error. During Pieerrec's development of the game, the developer was sure to keep reference of all sexuality in order to accurately and tastefully portray the wide spectrum.

The NSFWare game not only has incredibly inclusive gameplay, but also showcases a truly unique and inventive art style. Made using software called Paint of Persia, the game uses brightly colored pixel silhouettes portrayed on bright backgrounds to create a beautiful aesthetic. The aim was not to create something hyperrealistic and objectifiable, but instead to create something that showcased the nuances of intimacy across a broad spectrum.