Notice-Forest by Yuken Teruya are Enchanting Consumer Dioramas

 - Dec 12, 2013
References: yukenteruyastudio & thisiscolossal
Notice-Forest by Yuken Teruya, a Japanese artist based in New York City, is a series of shopping bags that have been converted into enchanting dioramas. Known for his creative whimsical paper cutouts using toilet paper rolls and fast food packaging, this are just as imaginative. Focusing mainly on luxury gift bags, he also forces people to consider their actions before succumbing to consumer actions.

Recently shown at Pippy Houldsworth, Notice-Forest by Yuken Teruya involve the bags being placed on their sides with the trees growing within. The result is visually stunning, especially when light trickles in from above. The bags look like scenes straight out of a pop up fairy tale book.