This Ad Features Children Being Annoyed at Toy Cars That Do Not Collide

 - Oct 12, 2015
References: youtube
This clever and adorable Mercedes-Benz ad features children playing with toy cars that simply will not collide. The ad aims to promote the Mercedes-Benz Brake Assist System PLUS.

The commercial begins with clips of children playing with ordinary toy cars. Each child has the instinct to crash the cars together. However, the next part of the ad shows the children playing with specially made Mercedes-Benz toy cars that are equipped with powerful magnets in the hood, which are designed to deflect any potential impact the child tries to create.

As the ad goes on, the children become very upset that their toy cars will not collide. The powerful PAS promotes the safety of the Mercedes-Benz's new Brake Assist System PLUS, while simultaneously creating humor. Using children in the ad also creates an increased awareness among parental drivers to ensure they are practicing safe driving.