'Cryo Crag' Pays Tribute to an Action Sports Show from the 90s

'Cryo Crag' is an all-new nostalgic beer from Marz Community Brewing Co. that was created to pay tribute to Nickelodeon Guts, a popular 90s action sports game show. The beer is described as a 6% ABV "hazy IPA" that is made with cryo hops, a powder made from hops that's packed with a concentrated aroma and flavor. "Cryo" also references the show's Aggro Crag as a towering peak involved in the competition.

For the release of Cryo Crag, the brewery teamed up with Crystal Collective to offer crystal pairings that will help drinkers charge their life with energy and focus. As such, the limited-edition, nostalgic beer from Marz Community Brewing Co. has the potential to capture the hearts of Millennials in more ways than one.