Noriko Ambe's Carvings are Delicately Beautiful

 - May 17, 2011
References: scaithebathhouse & thisiscolossal
Artist and sculpture Noriko Ambe's works are literary masterpieces.

Noriko Ambe has worked with layers of paper to create her beautiful pieces of art. Her works are cut by hand with an evidently steady touch. Her pieces seem fluid as well as graceful when it comes to gallery showings. Additionally, her other collections have grown to include carvings of old, vintage books.

Noriko Ambe has said of her one collections, the Linear-Actions Cutting Project, that "The work consists of positive or negative shapes. I am trying to embody relationships among humans, time and nature."

Noriko Ambe's carvings are a must-see for any art lover. With delicate materials such as paper, she has managed to create a unique look that truly cannot be replicated by any other.