This Infographic Matches Various Noodle Styles to Different Sauces

 - Oct 7, 2015
References: sheknows & sheknows
There are dozens of different noodle styles available for foodies to cook with, but finding a pasta that is best match to your sauce is how you truly make a phenomenal pasta dish. The '13 Pasta Shapes + Sauce Pairings' infographic by lifestyle blog She Knows helps to dispel some of the mystery by listing which noodles go best with which sauce.

There are dozens of pasta noodles out there and each is designed to pick up different types of sauces to create a no-fuss and easy to eat meal. The infographic features a chalkboard style design with hand-drawn graphics of various noodle types, the names, how long they need to cook for and what sauce is best suited to the noodle's shell texture. For example, penne rigati is a hollow cylinder noodle that is best suited for "simple, smooth tomato sauce" since the grooves on the shell and the hollow middle sucks up the sauce.