The Nomad PowerPack is Virtually Impossible to Lose

 - Dec 20, 2016
References: hellonomad & digitaltrends
The Nomad PowerPack is an external device charger that solves one of the few problems that such a device might have. External battery packs are a great way for heavy phone users to recharge midway through the day and save themselves from hours of a dead device, but those packs are only effective if you have one around. The Nomad PowerPack comes stock with Tile's beacon technology to make it virtually impossible to misplace or forget at the start of a day.

Remembering to grab even just one's smartphone before heading out for the day can be difficult, and adding another device like a battery pack only adds to the chance of forgetting or misplacing it. The PowerPack connects to the Tile app in seconds and will then show up prominently on the built in map whenever users open it.