Nokia Creates Self-Destructing Phone

 - Jul 31, 2006
References: techeblog
Nokia has created a new cell phone that disassembles itself in two seconds when heated. The goal is to make it easier to recycle. Keep it away from the sun... ;)

"The idea is to disassemble a mobile phone by a heat-activated mechanism without any contact. By using a centralized heat source like laser heating, the shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator is activated, and the mobile phone covers are opened. The battery, display, printed wiring board (PWB) and mechanical parts are separated and can then be recycled in their material specific recycling processes. The required temperature for the disassembly is 60-150 ÂșC. If it were lower the phone could dismantle by itself, for instance in a hot car, and if it were higher the plastics would melt." - Nokia