Binfer Lets Everyone Send Large Files Without Uploading Them

 - Jun 14, 2018
References: binfer
No-upload file sharing is here. To some, especially the millions of hardcore remote file sharers uploading mega-GB files every day all around the world, it's seemingly miraculous. Spending hours uploading large files to the cloud just so you can have the privilege of sending them is no longer something you must do.

Welcome to the brave new world of "post-cloud computing." File-sharing start-up Binfer is leading the way with a cloudless framework that can, ironically, also run in the cloud—if that's what you prefer. Its first application, a file-sharing and synchronization app that requires no upload in order to send files of virtually any practical size, has even been finding safe passage through the infamous "Great Firewall of China."

So how is nimble tech start-up Binfer, along with its many thousands of customers, getting through the Great Firewall of China without incident? "Everyone of these blocked sites is offering a very big target for the Chinese to shoot at. But because Binfer doesn't make you upload your file shares to a public or private cloud, there's nothing to shoot at," says Imran Ahmed, Founder & CEO of Binfer.

Binfer's 10,000 plus customer base is using its no-upload file-sharing and synchronization tools not only to get through the Great Firewall of China, but also for its 2X faster transfer speeds, its drag-n-drop interface and 256-bit device-to-device encryption. Plus, Binfer's ability to easily accommodate 10 GB+ files is making it the file-sharing tool of choice among early adopters and tech-savvy remote workers, many of whom are videographers and photographers.

In addition, Binfer's no-upload file-sharing tool addresses massive security coverage gaps afforded by email and other file-sharing providers.