Toddler 'Toot Scoot' Makes Learning to Ride a Bike Easy

 - Mar 17, 2009
References: tootscoot
The Toot Scoot, a new training bike for kids aged 2-5, has no training wheels and no pedals. It also has wider-than-normal wheels, but aside from that, it looks like a normal bike. It is designed to easily teach young children how to balance on a two-wheeled bike, and to effortlessly make the transition to a regular bike. 

To ride, children simply push the bike with their feet, all the while gaining confidence, learning balance and developing motor skills.

Toot Scoot was invented by avid biker and motocross racer Buck Hale, who created it for his son. Hale says his son could balance the bike with his feet off the ground at only 18 months of age.

According to Hale’s company, Buckale, LLC, training wheels are counterproductive and can become a crutch for children. When it is time to remove the training wheels, children can become very anxious. Toot Scoot was designed to eliminate this early dependence on training wheels. In addition, Toot Scoot is light-weight and easy for children to maneuver.

But perhaps the best aspect of Toot Scoot, from the child’s perspective, is it looks like they are riding a "big kid’s bike." The company’s slogan is "If you can walk, you can ride!"

Soon, neighborhoods everywhere may be overrun with toddler biker gangs...