The 'No Man's Sky' Soundtrack is Unique to Each Player

 - Aug 9, 2016
References: soundcloud & digitaltrends
'No Man's Sky' is already being praised for its unique, procedurally produced game world that lets players explore an entire universe, but the No Man's Sky soundtrack is taking the same infinite approach to creating music for the game's unpredictable gameplay experience.

Since the game is so huge that even the designers haven't seen the planets and creatures in the vast majority of it, they weren't happy with adding stock songs that wouldn't apply to many events in the game. Instead, UK band 65daysofstatic created the No Man's Sky soundtrack with a modular technique.

To create the soundtrack, the band and the game's audio designer created a library of sounds and musical elements. Then, using a tool they jointly created called "pulse," which takes cues from the game to comprehend the mood and makes music accordingly, they were able to create an infinite music system appropriate for a near infinite virtual universe.