Nixon Prototypes Channel Glory Days of Pong, Tetris and TV

 - Dec 27, 2008   Updated: May 26 2011
References: minigorille & radeville
These Nixon watches are prototypes by Lysandre Follet that channel all the best of the 1980's: Pong, Tetris and television. The Tetris watch even features a tiny controller so you can play along.

These watches are just the latest in a number of new products that channel the nostalgic charm of old-school iconic video games. Check out other Pong and Tetris-inspired products below.

Implications - The glory days of retro games such as Pong and Tetris are being relived by a whole new generation. Companies are looking to bring back old classics as a way of reinventing them for a younger demographic that never got to experience the joys of gaming without complex controls and 3D imaging. The nostalgic charms and the value of retro games brings designers a whole new perspective of what it means to provide new and cool products to consumers.