The Nissan Juke Box is a Party on Wheels

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: nissannews & gizmag
The Nissan Juke Box may not be the sleekest looking car out there but it will certainly blow its competitors out of the water when it comes to its bass-pumping, window-rattling sound system.

Equipped with 19,000 watts of speakers, the car speaker system features 18 inch subwoofers, a DJ booth and a PA system with
beat- blasting capabilities that mimic that of being in the club with your friends -- while driving.

The car company paired up with the UK dance club Ministry of Sound and Martin Audio to recreate the nightclub atmosphere into an automobile and basically turn the Nissan into a rolling party. Capable of cranking the volume up to an ear-piercing 150 decibels, the system will definitely make long car rides more upbeat -- especially since the music will drown out any annoying passengers.