Nils Volker Creates a Seemingly Organic Piece Out of Plastic Bags

 - Oct 24, 2011
References: nilsvoelker & core77
Artist Nils Volker recently unveiled his newest installation entitled 'Thirty Six' at Sweden's Art Lab Gnesta. The exhibit, like Volker's previous work, features a serious of lit plastic bags that inflate and deflate creating a glowing ever-changing suspended structure. The structure appears much more organic than his last piece entitled Captured, which was exceedingly industrial in its execution.

Nils Volker has created a massive plastic chandelier, which breathes steadily in order to affect the structure's form and lighting. The piece's movements are choreographed by specialized electronics and programming devised by the artist himself. Appearing as a living-breathing structure, 'Thirty Six' is engaging in its majesty and relatability. As when surveying a magnificent animal, 'Thirty Six' is somehow humbling to the human physche.

Nils Volker has once again shown us the aesthetics that are possible when light, air and form come together. Creating a symphony of sensory delight, 'Thirty Six' is a dazzling structure that is sure to astound its viewers with its majesty.