The Surreal Paintings by Nigel Cooke Incorporate Kinetic Movement

 - Sep 6, 2013
References: & juxtapoz
Capturing the concept of velocity through art sounds like an incredibly difficult task, but Nigel Cooke has interpreted it superbly through his paintings. The result is a series of stunning paintings that take the viewer on a journey through the surreal mind of the artist.

With wildly fluctuating brush strokes that create the backdrops to the abstract concepts, the paintings are immediately captivating. Nigel Cooke has done a remarkable job at creating art that continues to unravel as you find yourself analyzing every detail. Each second that you stare at the paintings, you'll notice a new intricacy that you had missed previously.

Such intricate and thought-provoking artwork has an incredible impact on both the viewers and the art scene in general. New artists can gain inspiration from Cooke's work because of his ability to conceptualize and bring to life such a unique concept.