The Nielly Francoise 'Deja 2012' Series is Vibrant & Emotionally Charged

 - Apr 4, 2012
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French artist Nielly Francoise has created a series of portraits, rendered in a myriad of bright, vibrant colors that seem to pour out from the paintings like light radiating from a neon sign. This is, ostensibly, the most striking feature of the pieces; however, there is more to the paintings than color.

The expressions that Nielly Francoise adorns her subjects with are eclectic, ranging from languid to fierce; yet in each of the visages, Nielly Francoise expresses something viscerally human through her subjects eyes. Some look directly at the viewer, engaged and intent, while others look to somewhere out of frame, listlessly, almost dreamily.

One gets the sense that these are real people within whom thoughts and feelings dance about, informing each wince, curl of the lip and fur of the brow that Nielly Francoise captures so poignantly.