Nicole Gastonguay Crochets Cute Household Objects

Crochet mastermind and fiber artist Nicole Gastonguay has created the ultimate cute household items.

The fiber artist takes boring, everyday objects and humanizes them. With their cuddly cute eyes and little smiles, the stuffed crochet pieces are simply adorable. Nicole Gastonguay has managed to turn a grandma hobby into something unique.

From the smiling faces of bubblegum machines to the sad faces of a mousetraps, her pieces are sweet and somewhat cuddly. My favorite piece of hers happens to be the box of low mein and noodles. With its lifelike shrimp and strings of yarn as noodles, the piece is almost lifelike, aside from the cute face on the takeout box. Nicole Gastonguay's work is a must-see for any crochet or knitting fan.