Nick Meeuws Recreates the Savanna Using Only Paper and His Patience

 - May 17, 2013
References: & strictlypaper
Using rather simple materials that create a vivid final product, Nick Meeuws recreates the African savanna with paper and a keen attention to detail. Based out of the Netherlands, Meeuws is a designer whose avid talent contributed to the piece becoming what it is with a certain depth that's hard to miss.

Meeuws achieved the 3D effect that is prevalent within this piece by intricately layering varying sized sheets of card stock, which in turn not only adds character to the bright scene, but also the animals. This technique played with the effects of shadow to accurately recreate the scene as it would appear in nature.

The project took Meeuws several months to bring to fruition and began when he created the 3D elephant; from here, it evolved to the exquisite scene we see as the final product.