NFC Gumball Machine by Razorfish Produces Apps in a Fun Way

 - Jul 21, 2012
References: emergingexperiences & adverblog
Just like a kid in a candy store, the NFC Gumball Machine is a totally fun way to get some technological treats. Shaped like an old-school gumball dispenser, the machine built by Razorfish dispenses fun apps to your phone.

The device works by inserting a coin in the lever, then scanning your Smartphone where you’d usually receive your treat. From there you can watch the digital animation on the screen and use your touchscreen to start the process. At the end you’ll be surprised with a game, video clip, coupon, movie, eBook, party spot or idea.

This is an awesome and fun way to get apps at a cheap price! This is currently just a prototype, but will surely be hit.