The Newby Teas Heart Collection Gears Flavors for Each Amorous Mood

 - Feb 11, 2016
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Newby Teas is offering an exclusive blend of herbal brews for consumers during the month of February that are geared towards capturing the flavors of each amorous mood. The collection, entitled 'Heart,' features a series of different exotic and luxury teas that are chosen based on sentimental value, over flavor. The matching of flavors to moods allows the brand to create a seasonal line of products that speak specifically to the themes of the holiday from a new perspective.

The 'Heart' is a box set collection that includes a line of teas exclusively blended to match "any romantic mood" as the brand puts it. The box features fruity blends for more whimsical signs of affection and richer, more robust blends such as rooibos orange that encapsulate more robust and passionate signs of romance.