These New Years Eve Cupcakes are a Great Way to Welcome 2012

These celebratory rambunctious New Years Eve Cupcakes are the handiwork of blogger Kristan from the vivacious food blog 'Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.' The crafty baker took a batch of unassuming frosted cakes and transformed them into the life of the party with a few wonderfully simple and clever tricks.

Paying tribute to the all important champagne clinking hour, Kristan dipped chocolate wafer cookies in Almond Bark then put a clock face reading midnight in jet black icing. She simply plopped this accoutrement dead center on a pile of pink buttercream and moved on. These New Years Eve Cupcake became full fledged party animals when Kristan added her final accent. She took a few strips of Airheads candy and fashioned some festive and delicious confetti.

Sure to delight your champagne swilling guests, these New Years Eve Cupcakes are an amazing way to bid adieu to 2011 and usher in 2012.