The New Work of Caleb Charland Focuses on Light and Fire

 - May 13, 2014
References: calebcharland & mymodernmet
Back in 2010, the world was astounded by a series of science-based artworks involving fire, light, fruit and more; the new work of Caleb Charland is just as impressive. Although most of it still revolves around light and fire in some shape or form, they are brought about in a variety of ways. For instance, 'Breakbeat With Sparkler and Metronome' involves a common sparkler attached to a metronome, as the name gives away, that creates a zig-zagging pattern when captured with a long-exposure lens. Yet he broke up the pattern using his hand.

The other new work of Caleb Charland is just as captivating. Some of them involve crystal balls while others phosphorescent powder, candles and fish bowls. Creative and clever, these scientific experiments are as visually stunning as his past work.