'NEUROSOCIETY' Presents Scientific Findings as Artistic Theater

 - Jan 7, 2017
References: eventbrite & engadget
David Byrne, former front man of Talking Heads and current avant garde artist, and Mala Gaonkar, esteemed technologist, have gotten together to create NEUROSOCIETY, an art exhibit set to open at the Pace Art + Technology gallery in Menlo Park. Instead of focusing on art alone, the exhibit turns real results from 15 cognitive neuroscience labs into theatrical art experiences.

Not only does the art in the NEUROSOCIETY exhibit draw directly from the work of cognitive neuroscience labs, it also serves to provide those labs with data. Attendees' reactions to and participation in the exhibit are actually aspects of ongoing studies, and that anonymized information will be used in real scientific research.

In terms of experiences, NEUROSOCIETY is divided into four rooms with surreal descriptions involving being "embodied in a doll's body" and "[seeing] moving objects freeze."