The NEON House Installation is Visually and Audibly Immersive

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: seeneon & psfk
Experiencing what it is like behind the DJ booth has never been so tangible or immersive as it is with the NEON House. Granted, this is no ordinary DJ booth, and so in that regard people might feel a little gipped. Yet overall it is hard to walk away musically and artistically unsatisfied after enjoying the Neon House.

Constructed out of a steel cube frame with glowing UV fluorescent nylon strings draped over it like a canopy, it boasts a space for DJ Alessio Natalizia of the electronic duo Walls to perform. Designed by London-based design studio NEON, the nylon strings are covered with electronic sensors that respond to human touch. This is the way in which the audience is invited to interact and collaborate with the DJ. The NEON House visually and audibly captivating.