The Srirachup Kettle Chips by the Neal Brothers Pack a Spicy Punch

 - Jul 24, 2014
References: nealbrothersfoods & nealbrothersfoods
The Neal Brothers are well-known in the healthy food industry for their non-GMO, gluten-free and organic range of delicious food products. The brand creates a wide variety of snacks that are good for your body and thankfully these Srirachup Chips are one them.

These spicy Sriracha sauce and ketchup kettle chips are packed with aromatic spices. The chips are perfectly crunchy and covered in a mixture of spicy and sweet flavors. The Sriracha spice adds a piquant Asian flavor to the chips that hits your palette in an explosive burst of flavor. The ketchup pairs perfectly with the Sriracha and adds a sweet kick to tone down the spice. Together the ketchup and Sriracha create a dynamic hot taste with a undertone of subtly sweet.