These Apartments are Meant to Blend in with Hangzhou's Landscape

These nature-surrounded apartments in Hangzhou are built around the town's historic landscape, taking advantage of the area's spectacular views. Hangzhou has long been celebrated as a hub for nature enthusiasts because of its unruffled lakes, ancient waterways and lush gardens.

The apartment complex named 'Xixi' uses its nature-surrounded location as a botanical frame, leaving much of its nearby greenery untouched. The Xixi is built among droopy willow trees and stretches of marshland. The units are built on rectangular stone plinths, an architectural hallmark of the city. The base of the apartments was designed to have a variety of levels, ensuring easy entry into the buildings. The result is a verdant village that was built to respect and maintain the space surrounding it, giving residents the feeling that they are immersed in nature rather than in view of it.