This Nature Conservancy Campaign Uses Controversy to Attract Attention

 - Aug 1, 2013
References: & adweek
The delicate nature of our world has become a hot topic in the last decade and people are trying to find ways to go green, and this Nature Conservancy campaign uses a controversial format in order to bring attention to this topic.

This ad appears to be expecting viewers to pick a side: Loggers or Forests? Fisherman or Fish? Many people would be offended by this black and white view of the subject, however, that is not what the Nature Conservancy actually means. The website you are directed to, from the ad campaign, demonstrates the ability to have a balance within our environment. Their website instructs that a working economy and a positive approach to taking care of our world will create that balance. This Nature Conservancy campaign is the perfect way to demonstrate that not everything is what it seems.