This Sweet Photography Series is Magical and Curious

 - May 30, 2014
References: cherylestonge & featureshoot
Showing the world and its delicate creatures in such a touching and childishly sweet way, this natural world photo series somehow turns science and wonderment into art.  

Created by New England artist and 2009 Guggenheim Fellow Cheryle St. Onge, this natural world photo series portrays a thirst for knowledge of the world and the scientific resonating behind the observation. The black and white images show how the photographer feels about the childlike states of learning and wondering using her powerful pictures instead of monotonous words.

Inspired by the act of her child putting a frog in a mayonnaise bottle to stare at it for hours on end, Onge was reminded about how in awe kids are about their natural environment and the world at large. The series shows us the world through a child’s magical perspective.