'Nth Degree' is Releasing High-Performance Drinks Without Toxins

 - Aug 29, 2015
References: nth4u
'Nth Degree' is releasing a line of all-natural sports drinks to fill a void in the market for healthy alternatives to artificial performance beverages. Its 'Sports Enhanced Drink' is made with Palitanose, a sweetener from sugar beets and is available in four flavors.

The company's name 'Nth degree' refers to a mathematical term for raising something to a higher level. This drink raises the game of athletes, both professional and amateur, without filling their body with sugar, artificial dyes or toxins.

For those watching their sugar and calorie intake as well, 'Nth Degree Innovations' provides a line of sports waters. With five time World Champion closer Mariano Rivera by the company's side, Nth degree is leading the way for an industry of natural sports drinks, bringing a healthier alternative with great performance to the foreground.