The Native Plant Shoe is 100% Animal-Free and Biodegradable

 - Jun 15, 2019
References: nativeshoes & uncrate
The Native Plant Shoe is a sustainable footwear option that seeks to offer consumers an alternative to conventional sneakers that are crafted from materials that contribute to undue waste after use. 100% free from animal components, the sneakers are made with a sustainable plant-based material that includes linen, pineapple husks, eucalyptus pulp, kenaf fiber, hevea milk and cotton. This creates a shoe that is stylish, comfortable and breathable to keep wearers feeling as fresh as possible during wear.

The Native Plant Shoes are priced at $200, and are completely biodegradable and compostable to let consumers dispose of them responsibly after wear. The shoes come as part of a larger shift towards sustainable clothing, shoes and accessories as consumers gravitate more toward eco-friendly products.