The Chalkbot Draws Like Einstein for National Geographic 'Genius'

For SXSW 2017, National Geographic 'Genius' created a Twitter-Powered Chalkboard Robot to show off the genius of Einstein, which is also the focus of the series.

The Chalkbot brings the inventor's brilliant mind to life via a chalkboard. SXSW attendees had the chance to use the #GeniusBillboard hashtag on Twitter in order to submit a selfie and see it come to life before their eyes in real-time through symbols, words and equations drawn by a lively robotic arm.

At SXSW, National Geographic created an entire Nat Geo Further Base Camp devoted to helping attendees discover their own genius through brain-boosting, mind-boggling activities. Some other activations included See FURTHER featuring Microsoft Hololens and Chasing Genius With Nerd Night.