Analyses from Natalie Petyk Looks at the Mental Problems of Heroes

 - Jun 21, 2013
References: & fastcocreate
Peering deep into the minds of popular superheroes, Dr. Natalie Petyk psychoanalyzed vigilantes such as Superman and Iron Man. Writers at entertainment publication 'The Credits' provided Dr. Petyk with anonymous biographies of heroes without telling her that they are fictional. Each description was stripped of references to super powers while providing an accurate look into their histories. Petyk then proceeded to diagnose each hero with stunning accuracy.

Each hero's inner thoughts and feelings, along with their motivations, were revealed by the psychologist. In addition, each hero was given a series of hypothetical recommendations that they could do to solve their mental issues. From a description of Superman, Petyk recommended that he "work through this is by trying on different identities for size ... Almost like a kid playing with masks."