Natalia Mantini Photographs Candid Hip Hop Images are Fun and Playful

 - May 12, 2011
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There is something boyishly cute about Natalia Mantini's photographic works. As you browse through her portfolio, you will quickly realize that it's because she has happily focused on boyishly cute, well, boys. Often we see that girls or girls and boys are the subject matter for many photographers, but Natalia Mantini has decided to turn her lens on the men in our lives.

What's even more refreshing about Natalia Mantini's photography is the fact that she doesn't focus on their harder habits. Instead, she captures their softer, more playful side. Considering that Natalia Mantini's subject are clearly into the hip hop and rap scene, that is quite the feat.

Natalia Mantini has also captured some up-and-coming celebs such as Tyler the Creator, Dirt Nasty, Bobby Hundreds and Derek E Miller.