The Nata Metlukh Illustrations are Sporty and Spontaneous

 - Jan 25, 2012
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These Nata Metlukh illustrations are striking forms of art that would make great additions to any contemporary home.

Freelance illustrator Nata Metlukh has been working on editorial illustrations for quite some time. Based in San Francisco, this artist knows how to capture precise emotions in her pieces.

Some of her illustrations include ‘Holy Trinity’ for Automobile magazine, ‘Underwater Circus’ for AGM coaster and many more. Each of her illustrations are delicate and expressive. The Nata Metlukh illustrations bring some badass women, macho athletes, killer sharks and many other interesting features to the table. She does a great job at taking cartoon-like illustrations and giving them a gritty quality seen more in real-life stills.