Indian Politician Narendra Modi’s Hologram Has Been Giving Speeches

With India in the midst of a massive election, prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s campaign has been doing everything it can to convey Modi’s message to prospective voters. Perhaps its most ingenious and eye-catching ploy is the use of holograms to make Modi accessible to India’s vast populace.

The holograms will allow voters in hundreds of different locations to "see" Modi simultaneously as he delivers a live speech from his actual physical location.

Modi will be filmed with specialized camera techniques that will enable the creation of 40 x 40 x 35 foot projections, which will be beamed live to various locations. A projector is placed high above the stage to stream visuals to the floor, with these visuals being reflected onto the stage background. The background is made of a near-transparent material that creates a 3D illusion. This technology will give voters an incredible 3D view of Modi without the use of 3D glasses.

Narendra Modi’s party—the BJP—hopes that its use of innovative campaign measures like holograms will give it a leg up over its rival, the incumbent Congress party.