My Body is a Temple Uses Mandalas Made Out of Unhealthy Comestibles

My Body is a Temple by Sylvain Dumas is a photographic series that takes teeth-decaying junk food and turns it into to spiritual Mandalas. These significant circles are associated with Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism, and display a mantra of spiritual balance to signify a plan.

The portraits by Dumas showcase unwise health choices in the form of these sacred objects. The message that the portraits convey is one of betterment. Working off the title, "temple" classifies the body as something of dire importance, that should be seen as sacred. However, when you willingly ingest cigarette toxins, pills and junk food, your body can become a wasteland.

Dumas' My Body is a Temple instructs viewers that they should be more conscious about their choices because, in the long run, it can do their body quite a disservice.