The MWEB Cloud Storage Campaign Ensures People Don't Have to Pose Again

 - Aug 24, 2012
References: foxp2 & ibelieveinadv
There are some things people aren't willing to do ever again--unless, of course, their camera failed to capture the moment; that will never be the case with MWEB Cloud Storage. The ad campaign reads, "Make sure you never have to do this again. Save the photo forever with MWEB Cloud Storage. Free with Uncapped ADSL." From sticking tongues to a frozen metal pole to running a marathon in a hot mascot costume and eating questionably cooked meat in a foreign land, the MWEB Cloud Storage ad campaign does a good job instilling the fear of possibly having to do all that again.

The MWEB Cloud Storage ad campaign was conceived and executed by FoxP2, an ad agency based in South Africa. It was art directed by Brendan Hoffmann with photography by Clive Stewart.