The MWEB 2011 Ads Show That Companies Look More Appealing Online

 - Aug 22, 2011
References: mweb & ibelieveinadv
It is fascinating to note that in today's society, a business that existed 20 years ago can now run on a fraction of the cost if it decided to be exclusively online; the MWEB 2011 ad campaign shows that these companies could also have a better appeal to potential clients and consumers. Since these businesses could save a ton of money by removing factors such as rent, staff and miscellaneous items like office supplies, they could put a lot of effort into their website, creating an exceptional and optimal experience for their customers. Of course, that is the extreme end of the MWEB 2011 campaign.

The MWEB 2011 ad campaign is not necessarily advocating the removable of physical offices, studios or stores. Instead, it is simply stating that by offering a great website through their uncapped hosting, certain businesses can look better.