The Muzo Devices Creates a Noise-Cancelling Personal Bubble

 - Sep 22, 2016
References: kickstarter & thenextweb
Noise-cancelling headphones are effective for blocking out the cacophony of city noise or a loud roommate's Netflix binge, but the Muzo device is a way to block out sound without having to don an oversized pair of headphone. The slim device creates a noise blocking "bubble" that gives those inside it a silent sanctuary without having to wear anything on their ears.

Muzo is best used by being stuck onto a window or wall with its suction cup backing. The device uses that surface as a vibration board, turning windows and walls into giant speakers that emit the noise-cancelling waves.

Beyond silence, the Muzo device syncs with a smartphone app to play a gentle soundscape or a user's music in the sound field.