The Muzen OTR Wood Bluetooth Speaker is Handmade and Retro-Chic

 - Feb 6, 2018
References: indiegogo
Most Bluetooth speakers available today are made out of either plastic or, if they're fancy, metal, but the MUZEN OTR Wood speaker is taking Bluetooth devices back to an earlier era. The compact, portable Bluetooth speaker is designed with inspirations from radios of the 50s, with an elegantly finished wood casing and knobs and dials reminiscent of the mid-century furnishing that provided daily entertainment.

Each MUZEN OTR Wood speaker is made out of premium rosewood hand-selected and -crafted by one of MUZEN's artisans. Aside from the visual properties that come with that material, rosewood is also highly resonant, contributing to a full and high quality sound from the small piece of hardware.

The speaker has a lithium battery that gives it a 10-hour playing time, and it has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for impressive range.