The 'Music Construction Machine' Plays at the Turn of a Crank

 - Jul 11, 2016
References: niklasroy & gizmag
Niklas Roy's Music Construction Machine towers over a typical music box. Approximately the size of an industrial shipping crate, the glass-enclosed machine contains three instruments -- an electric guitar, a drum set, and an electric keyboard -- that are hooked up to a Rube Goldberg-esque labyrinth of pulleys, gears and sprockets. When viewers and listeners turn a large crank outside the machine, the instruments take up a discordant symphony.

The atonality of the installation isn't by accident. Rather, Roy espouses that, "as we all have different tastes in music, I decided to abandon the traditional concept of a music box," swapping out pre-programmed melodies for randomized noise.

The Music Construction Machine is on display in the Plac Nowy Targ, a plaza in Wroclaw, Poland, and is one of the installations in the city's cultural capital program.