Belin Completes a Mural in Paris & Limited Run Prints are Availble

 - Jul 12, 2019
References: instagram & hypebeast
Mural prints of Barcelona-born artist Belin's latest project are available to the public for a limited time. Sized at 65 by 90 centimeters, each artwork is "hand-signed, stamped and numbered" by the creator. The painting that is immortalized in these mural prints goes by the name 'LAURITA.' The composition depicts a female and it is painted on the side of a Parisian building.

One of the most striking features in Belin's work is his ability to mix movements with incredible ease. LAURITA, for example, occupies the space of an abstract art piece and photorealistic portraiture. Accompanied by the mural prints, the launch of Belin's artwork as a defining feature in the urban Parisian landscape is successful.