MIT Designed the 'Multifab' That Can Print Ten Materials at Once

 - Aug 27, 2015
References: popsci & sciencealert
With the first 3D car, house and even Chinese villa being produced, it is surprising that multi-material 3D printers have only recently become popular. The 'MultiFab,' created by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can print up to ten materials at once.

Not only is it more capable than other printers but it also costs a fraction of the price -- costing only $7,000 to build a design from scratch. The MultiFab scans and prints with much finer precision as it boasts machine vision 3D-scanning techniques that allow it to print around any design template.

For instance, the researchers say that even if an iPhone is put inside, the machine can apply a printed case directly onto the device. Already nicknamed "the Swiss-Army Knife of the 3D-printing world," these multi-material 3D printers bring incredible possibilities for complex creations in the future.